As published in cors' Info Magazine, Summer Edition, 1998

BF Goodrich Aerospace-Avionics Systems

The BF Goodrich Company provides innovative, technology-based aerospace and performance materials, products, and services to customers in 11 countries throughout the world.  The company's strength in technology and research enables the rapid development and commercialization of new products, and allows them to give customers a competitive edge.   It is a global-growth company creating value through excellence in innovation, quality, and people.  Currently, there are over fifteen BF Goodrich Aerospace divisions, including evacuation slides, deicing equipment, wheels and brakes, sensors, engine electrical systems, and avionics.

Originated in 1963 in Wichita, Kansas as the Industrial Division of the LearJet Corporation, they are now located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   The Avionics Division develops and produces state-of-the-art avionics instruments and systems for civilian and military aircraft.  The division focuses on aircraft lighting systems, navigation equipment, collision warning, and weather-detection systems, as well as electro-mechanical and electronic equipment for aircraft flight control, power supply, and navigation.  The division is a leading manufacturer of avionics for general aviation companies such as LearJet and Boeing; commuter and commercial airlines, such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines; and the United States military.

Tom Early, Human Resource Director for the Avionics Division of BF Goodrich Aerospace, manages recruitment for the entire Avionics Division, and has been in human resources for 25 years.  Tom has been with BF Goodrich for five years and feels the organization has a lot to offer prospective job candidates.  He explains, "We offer our employees the opportunity to work within a large, leading-edge company with state-of-the-art products and the ability to develop new products.  BF Goodrich Aerospace is a great organization with excellent opportunities for advancement and personal growth."

BF Goodrich Aerospace is in an extremely specialized industry, which can make recruiting challenging.  "The biggest problem recruiting in this industry," Tom says, "is the availability of qualified professionals.  If you bring in inexperienced people, it takes time for them to learn the processes.   The development can be very slow.  We are a technical organization looking for people with the skills for our type of company, particularly, technical capabilities, electronics knowledge, and trouble-shooting abilities.  The labor market is tight and increasingly more jobs require people with computer systems and analysis background.   More and more of our products rely on computer methodology and miniaturization.   We are looking for professionals who not only have a knowledge of electronics, but who can also weave that knowledge into the products of computer technology."

Another recruiting obstacle Tom faces is the company's location.   "We happen to be in an area without similar industry," he explains. "Often, we have to go outside to get skilled aviation, engineering, and even technology professionals.  Relocation in today's work world is just a fact of life, and even though Grand Rapids is a great city, it is sometimes difficult to sell relocation to candidates."

Recently, BF Goodrich joined forces with cors to help spread the word of a software engineering opportunity in BF Goodrich's Design Group.   The position required specialized software application development, programming, and processing skills.

Tom felt that recruitment research was the ideal tool to help him locate the hard-to-find candidates he was looking for. "I had used cors previously and am well aware of their methodology," says Tom. "When we get information from cors, there's a higher potential level of interest.   The pre-screening was the key element.  We've received a number of exceptional candidates from cors. The individuals gathering the information have a good understanding of the opportunity, and the Project Manager stayed on top of the project and responded quickly."

Tom has continues to contact professionals from previous reports even after a recruitment project is completed.  He understands the value of maintaining contact with professionals who may become candidates for future hiring needs.

Tom has enjoyed a positive relationship with cors, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

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